Super Grade Dubar

Name: Super Grade Dubar

Category: Sella Rice

Brand: Super Grade

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Product Description

SUPERR GRADE Basmati is undoubtedly the best that money can buy. It has an aroma that's sweet and appetizing. Plus an appearance that is sleek 'n' slender. Take a mouthful to feel its soft texture melt in the mouth. Serve it and you're sure to receive appreciation from your family. Super Grade Basmati is the smart choice of the smart woman of today. Super Grade Basmati makes for a deserving treat and an everyday Basmati experience. Go ahead and give expression to your fine culinary sensibilities, with Superr Grade Basmati Rice.

Cooking Benefits:

  • - When cooked, its long and slender grains turn dazzling white and fluffy
  • - The cooked rice has a very pleasing texture, as the grains stand distinct and stay separate
  • - It's the perfect combination of fragrance and flavour
  • - A strong and firm grain that's ideal for home-cooked biryanis and pilafs

Culinary Advantage:
Upon cooking, the long and healthy Superr Grade Basmati grains turn pure white and fluffy in appearance. Super Grade Basmati, thus, adds a generous dollop of visual delight, to create a heightened gastronomic experience. It's as light on your body as it is appetizing to your taste buds. You'll want to make the experience last forever.

Packing Information: Available in convenient packs of 10 kg and 25 kg.

Nutritional Values

Nutrition Facts per 100g Energy (Kcal) - 358.76 Protein (g) - 8.84 Fat (g) - 0.60 Carbohydrates (g) - 79.50 Sugars (g) - 0.0 Dietary Fiber (g) - 2.5 Sodium (g) - 0 Potassium (mg) - 68.40

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