Avyukt Premium Rice

Name: Avyukt Premium Rice

Category: Basmati Rice

Brand: Avyukt

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Product Description

Grab Avyukt Premium Basmati, its love at 1st Bite..... Heritage: Avyukt Premium Basmati is the perfect example of science blended with our rich, old-gold tradition.This particular variety has extended the pride of Indian Basmati to span global horizons.
Cooking Benefits:

  • A Basmati variety that has been specially developed to offer superlative cooking properties. It has a grain-length that's almost 2.5 times longer than pure Basmati
  • Thanks to its firm texture and inherent strength, the grain results in a perfect shape even when prepared in Dum Pukht (strong steam)
  • The long and slender grains stay separate, without sticking to each other, and makes for the perfect visual treat for food art
  • It's a Basmati that has been aged for a season
  • Ideally recommended for the luxurious Hyderabadi Dum Pukht Biryani, as well as in traditional Indian and contemporary pilafs
Culinary Advantage: First you feast on it with your eyes ... and then you taste it. Avyukt Premium Basmati is the perfect choice for today's digital generation - conventional in taste, yet contemporary and open to experiencing a wider food palette.
Packing Information Available in convenient packs of 10 kg & 25 kg.

Nutritional Values

Basmati rice is rich in in carbohydrates, but is very low in sugar.
Basmati rice is naturally low-fat, containing less than 1 g per serving. Each 3/4 of a cup serving contains 3 g of protein.
Basmati rice is a moderately good source of thiamine (13 percent of daily value) and niacin (8 percent of daily value). These B vitamins play a crucial role in energy metabolism.
In addition to containing important B vitamins, each serving of basmati rice contains a small amount of iron (6 percent of daily value). Iron helps transport oxygen through the blood. Remember that adding salt to the water during the cooking process or to the rice before serving will increase sodium content.

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